How to Know the Stars - Recorded series of 4 classes with Mary Adams

  • Mon, February 01, 2021
  • Recorded from January 2021 sessions


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This series, originally presented in January 2021, earned rave reviews from the participants. 

"Mary was excellent in her presentation of such a vast array of information. She broke the 4 classes down and was able to present the information in a way that really flowed well and was easy to understand. She sparked such an interest in areas that I was already interested in, but I had no idea the depth and width and scope that the study of the stars could take. Loved her!!!!"

"This was a totally awesome course taught by a wonderfully knowledgeable instructor."


"Excellent program and information, wonderful to look forward to on winter January Thursday evenings!"

  Excellent program and information, wonderful to look forward to on winter January Thursday evenings!

After completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the links to the recordings of all 4 classes. Each class lasts 90 minutes.

First session ~ Hey Diddle Diddle in the Stars

Rather than being simple ditties meant to amuse children, the nursery rhymes of the middle ages reveal a practice of hiding the esoteric wisdom of the stars in verse, to sustain their influence, especially through challenging times. In this introductionto Star Lore, Mary Stewart Adams will lead us on a delightful journey of learning to know the stars through some of our most well-loved nursery rhymes, together with the history and origin of the rhymes.

Second session ~ Once Upon a Star

Once upon a time every star had a name, and in every name was a story. In this session, we will seek the stars in cultural fairy tales from around the world, and how the practice of storytelling with the stars is used to impart moral wisdom by cultivating vivid imaginations in listeners both young and old. 

Third session ~ Star Lore and Ancient Mythologies

From rhymes to tales to mythologies, the stories we tell through the ages reveal our understanding of, and relationship to, the world around us. Nowhere is this more evident than in the dramatic mythologies of ancient cultures which were aligned to the stars overhead. We will explore the cultural mythologies of the ancient world, including those of Egypt, Greece, and others, in relation to the stars overhead now.

Fourth session ~ History of Star Knowledge from Astrology, to Astronomy, to a New Star Wisdom

From the civilization-forming influence of the stars evidenced in ancient cultures, to the dramatic shift in humanity's relationship to the celestial world dating from the scientific revolution in the 16th century, we arrive in contemporary culture, where light pollution diminishes views of the sky for most of the world's population.  In this session, we will consider the role of star lore in cultivating an appreciation for cultural diversity, and learn about the consequences in human culture, and for the Earth, of being cut off from the stars.

The Storyteller’s Night Sky is the work of Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams, host of the weekly public radio segment and podcast of the same name, and who, as a global advocate for starry skies, led the team that established the 9th International Dark Sky Park in the world in 2011 at the Headlands, in her home state of Michigan.

Mary has received numerous honors for her work advocating for dark skies, combining her extensive knowledge of ancient mythologies with nearly 40 years of researching anthroposophy, with a particular emphasis on the human experience of starry worlds as it is expressed in the astrology of the ancients, the astronomy of the scientific revolution, and the astrosophy that has developed through an application of spiritual science to the relationship between the human being and the cosmos. She travels far and wide teaching her humanities-based approach to understanding the celestial world around us, and the cultural influence of star knowledge through the ages.

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